Tips for Keeping Pets Calm this Fourth of July

Staff at Animal Allies Humane Society Want to Remind Pet Owners and Firework Users of the Dangers Surrounding Animals and Fireworks

Things you can do ahead of time for stressful, noisy situations:

•Medication for Anxiety – prescribed by your veterinarian, this can be helpful for pets with situational or on-going anxiety issues

•Securely fastened collar / harness with a Pet ID Tag

•Update your ID Tag information – Has your phone number changed recently?

•Microchip your pet – Even if the collar comes off, your pet will still have your contact info in tow.


Things you can do to prepare for festivities (4th of July or any big event):

•Keep pets at home for fireworks – They typically don’t enjoy the strangeness of big crowds and loud, flashy, (scary & strange) fireworks. Keeping them in a special room, crate, or kennel – somewhere they feel comfortable and can hide- is the best plan. Include toys and favorite treats.

•Tell visiting friends and family members your pet is at home. Remind them to watch doors, fences, etc. so that the pet doesn’t sneak out- providing an opportunity to run.

•Food during barbeques: Most pets can’t handle rich, fatty, salty foods – limit people food treats and have your pet’s favorite pet food / treats on hand. Pack the milkbones and beggin strips!

•Proper restraint: Always have you pet collared, leashed, or crated whenever you’re in a crowd, camping, traveling, or in a new-to-them situation. For your pet’s safety, it’s best that they are in your control at all times. Even mild-mannered pets can be spooked – jumping fences, running out into a dangerous situation, or becoming lost.

•Clean up your mess! Pets can find spent fireworks lying in your yard, their favorite field, or on the beach days, even weeks after they’ve been fired off. Same goes for food garbage – bag it up and put it in the garbage cans right away.

•Mind your manners: Respect neighboring families and pets. If you don’t have a pet, but your neighbor does, give them a heads up that you’ll be lighting off fireworks or having a big party next door. This gives them time to prepare for their pet, rather than causing a last-minute stressful situation.


If you pet is separated or lost:

•Contact local law enforcement immediately – They can direct you to the appropriate place that stray pets will be housed if found.

•Post and Search on local Facebook Groups:

Missing Pets of the Northland

Lost Dogs, Minnesota

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