Founder of Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Pushes For Its Preservation

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial in Duluth was built in 2003.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial has been a staple in Duluth for 15 years.

It was built to remember three black men who were lynched in 1920.

Now some in the community are voicing their concerns on the current status of the memorial.

These people are sharing how the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial has seen wear and tear over the years and needs to be properly cared for.

The memorial is located on the corner of Second Avenue East and 1st Street in downtown Duluth and was built in 2003.

Many in the community wanted to get the message out to city leaders that this memorial needs immediate attention because it’s deteriorating.

Right now they say there are issues with debris and equipment being stored around the perimeter of the memorial.

The City of Duluth told fox 21 there is  an agreement with the Clayton Jackson Mcghie non–profit organization which provides a process and lays out duties of the city and the Clayton Jackson Mcghie Memorial as a steward that “operates and maintains” the memorial in addition to uses/events on the premises.

That is an agreement that expires in January 2026.

City officials also there has been a volunteer group at the memorial site conducting clean up as recent as two to three weeks ago.

The city has been and continues to be very receptive to the members and co–chairs of the Clayton Jackson Mcghie organization in regards to the care and maintenance of the memorial.

“Somebody doesn’t care about what’s going on here. And not pointing fingers this has been going on for 10 plus years in downtown Duluth,” Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Founder said Henry Banks. “You would think that Greater Downtown Council, you would think that City Hall would want to clean this up even more. A lot of tourists come here a lot of locals come here. We expect more.”

The goal is for the city to come up with a solution to help preserve the historic memorial.

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial in Duluth is the oldest and first memorial in the United States dedicated to lynching victims.

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