Dune Grass Remediation Project

Preserve the Beaches in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.- With great fun comes great responsibility. And with the weather so warm, the beach is a hot spot for visitors and natives alike.

Foot traffic is a leading cause of trampled dune grass on the beaches in Duluth and takes several years to regrow. That’s why Minnesota Point Preservation Society members like Gary Glass decided to do something about it.

Glass and other members of the Park Point Community spent their morning laying out a fence to help stop blowing sand until the the grass grows back.

“This is an example where the tracks have been here for 80 years. The dunes are gone because the dunes have blown away. There is no dune grass to protect the sand from blowing,” Glass told Fox 21.

Glass thinks it’s important to educate people on the responsibilities and hazards that come with a fun day at the beach, including protecting dune grass and watching for things like poison ivy.

“We do need to educate. We do need to warn. I believe we have a duty to warn… to warn of the hazards. But also of the things that people can enjoy.”

If you’re looking to help, the Minnesota Point Preservation Society is always looking for volunteers and to receive donations.



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