Gubernatorial Candidate Lori Swanson Announces Plan to Lower Prescription Costs

Swanson and running mate Rick Nolan's plan would allow citizens to use state's bulk buying power to purchase drugs

DULUTH, Minn. – State Attorney General candidate for Governor, Lori Swanson (DFL), and her running mate, U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (DFL) were in Duluth Monday to announce a plan they say would lower prescription prices for Minnesotans.

The plan would allow Minnesota residents to buy their drugs on the same bulk order the state uses to purchase prescriptions for state-run facilities.

They say the same plan has lowered drug prices for people in Washington and Oregon by as much as thirty percent on brand name prescriptions and eighty percent on generic drugs.

“It doesn’t require new taxes. It doesn’t require a great big infrastructure,” said Lori Swanson. “The state already is negotiating these discounts on its own because of its purchasing heft and this simply says everybody who wants to sign up can have the right to sign up.”

The proposed program would be free to Minnesotans.

People without insurance and those who are underinsured could sign up for the program.


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