Putt Putt Railcars Chug Into Duluth!

Jump In! The Old Railcars Are Back For Recreation!

DULUTH, Minn. — The North American Railcar Operator’s Association chugged into Duluth Monday morning!

The little putt putt’s ride along the railways and travel across the United States and Canada.

“Remember the hand pump that today’s generation would see in a cartoon’s, this is the successor to those.” explained Hal Johnson, a member of the North American Rail Car Operator’s Association.

With over 18,000 members partaking in this unique recreational activity, it provides them with the opportunity to see parts of the country only viewable by rail.

“It’s total joy, I’ve traveled 27,000 miles in 18 years and it’s my way of escaping business meetings, conference rooms etc.” said Johnson.

They took off from Duluth after lunch are are headed to Ontario next!

To find out how this association gets on the tracks, view the video above.


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