Ashland Flooding Damage Update

What is the City Doing to Prevent Floods?

ASHLAND, Wis.- The city of Ashland is no stranger to severe floods.

The historic town is picking up the pieces from the storms that came through about three weeks ago.

“Unfortunately this is not an isolated event. We’re starting to see a pattern,” Mayor Debra Lewis told Fox 21 regarding the similar damage the city has seen in the past.

Despite the detour and infrastructure reconstruction taking place, Mayor Lewis knows one of the biggest impacts of the flooding was that on the lake and its beaches. The run-off of clay is causing a decrease in tourism activities revolving around the water.

Mayor Lewis tells Fox 21 that the best thing the city can do now is continue to develop preventative measures for the next time flooding occurs, like the long term infrastructure plan including expansions to the city’s waste water systems.

“In the end, it’s less expensive to put in a larger system than to keep replacing the smaller one every few years.”

Residents of the area can also help prevent damage by building rain gardens that naturally filter excess water.

Despite the minor damages to the area, Mayor Lewis wants to remind everyone that Ashland is still open for business.

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