With Frequent Flooding, Fact Check Your Insurance Policy this Summer

Duluth Agent Pat Shelton with Farmer's Insurance Agency Offers Advice to Remember When it Comes to Your Home Policy

DULUTH, Minn. – Summer brings storms and storms bring roof and siding damage and even flooding basements.

Duluth insurance agent Pat Shelton says it’s important to be covered correctly so when disaster hits, your agency is there to pick up the pieces.

Shelton says his agency is equipped with “Farmer’s Friendly Reviews” on renewals to make sure everyone knows what their policy covers and all the products that are offered.

He says most policies don’t cover sewer and drain back-up or mold coverage.

Instead, the agent has to add it as an endorsement.

Many policies don’t have what is called, “Limited Matching Endorsement.”

When a storm hits and damages part of your siding or roof, insurance is going to cover only the damaged part and this could lead to mis-matching materials. What this endorsement does is allows Farmer’s Insurance to replace the whole roof or all the siding.

Some things to ask your agent:

Do I have replacement cost?

Do I have coverage for mismatching siding and roofing?

Do I have coverage for sewer and drain back-up?

What is my deductible?


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