UMD Softball Hosts Camp

Local high school softball players learn from the Bulldogs.

DULUTH, Minn. – UMD Softball is hosting their first summer camp for high school girls looking to improve their game.

Although the camp is through UMD, other coaches from the area and across the country are attending to help build strong players. UMD head coach Jen Walter admits that the game is constantly changing and even she has things to learn.

“I’ve been wrong in the past about my approach and how we really hit and hit for power and drive the ball. It’s not like we’re trying to hit the ball over the fence. But it’s a matter of just hitting the ball over the infield. A lot of times coaches are trying to get players to just hit the ball on the ground and we just think that there’s more players on the dirt than there are on the grass” said Walter.

All aspects of the game are covered from hitting to fielding. But the biggest thing these young ladies seem to struggle with at this age is confidence.

“I have to get a hit, I have to get an RBI, I have to do this. Instead of ‘hey you know what? I’m going to swing at a pitch in the strike zone that I think I can drive.’ More often than not if you have that approach, the result is going to be good. It’s not guaranteed but you have a better chance there as opposed to standing there thinking ‘I’ve got to hit a ball in the gap'” said Walter.

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