FEMA Representatives to Conduct Damage Assessment In Superior

FEMA teams will begin the damage assessment on July 16.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Much of Northwestern Wisconsin is still in the recovery stages after recent heavy rain and flooding.

Gov. Scott Walker has now requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to conduct a damage assessment to determine if the state will receive a federal disaster declaration.

FEMA representatives will spend a few days in Douglas County surveying the area before breaking off in teams and heading off to Ashland, Bayfield, Iron and surrounding counties.

The heavy rain and flooding on June 16 and 17 caused significant damage to the area highways.

Many townships dealt with washouts and large culverts were wiped away.

This resulted in approximately $5.2 million worth of damage.

FEMA teams will begin the damage assessment on July 16.

Once the damage is confirmed with FEMA representatives, then Gov. Walker can request a presidential disaster declaration.

If signed by President Trump it will open the door for assistance so much of the damage can be repaired.

Some of the roads may not be fixed without this federal aid.

“The majority of the towns in our county have a loss of road damage that is larger than their actual operational budget for their highways for the year,” said Douglas County Emergency Management Director Keith Kesler. “In many cases it’s more of a loss than their entire budget for the year.”

Private property is not currently being looked at because emergency management staff don’t believe there was enough damage to request funding from FEMA directly for homeowners.

For more information about how to get assistance is available for homeowner’s click here.


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