Students Prepared for Jobs After Completing Welding Program

15 students received a certificate of completion and tools to help them in future jobs

DULUTH, Minn. – After completing a short summer program, 15 welding students are now prepared and equipped with the necessary tools to fill jobs in the Wisconsin area.

The “Weld Now” program, partnered through Northwest Wisconsin CEP and WITC-Superior, is fully funded by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, allowing these students to participate in the program for free.

Students ages 18 to 24 took part in the 120 hour program to learn more about welding. The students were taught about blueprint/welding symbols, oxy-fuel cutting and how to use tools like hydraulic shears, belt sanders, pipe coping machines and more.

Learning how to use this equipment in a fast-paced environment is important to these students, as they come out of the program with thousands of dollars of their own equipment that they can take with them to their future jobs.

The students are able to get those jobs right away, as they can now go fill the worker shortage at local manufacturers in Wisconsin.

The graduation ceremony was an exciting day for a few reasons. One was that they could celebrate the diversity of the program; there were nine men and five women who completed the program. The ceremony itself was enough for celebration, as it might be the only one for some of the students.

“This is huge… This is huge in that, for many of them, this may be the only graduation ceremony they may have participated in,” Associate Dean of continuing education Charlie Glazman said.

The partnership between the organizations has existed for approximately 10 years and has continued to give out-of-school youth the opportunity to succeed in the workplace. For more information on the WITC, visit

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