Senator Sanders Visits Duluth

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders visits Duluth showing support for Minnesota's Attorney General Keith Ellison.

DULUTH, Minn.- Hundreds attended a campaign rally in that featured Senator Bernie Sanders rallying support for state Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison.

Ellison is running in a contested DFL primary against four other candidates, three Republicans are also running for the position.

“We elect an attorney general that has the history and the courage to stand up to powerful special interest and represent the working families of this state,” Senator Sanders said.

Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders traveled to Duluth for the third time, now rallying for Minnesota Attorney General Candidate Keith Ellison.

“I have never been on some career ladder trying to go from one thing to the next thing to the next thing,” DFL Attorney General Candidate Keith Ellison said. “For me, it is all about service.”

“I’m beyond excited when we found out Bernie was coming we cleared our schedules,” Bernie supporter Deondre Smiles said.

Although the discussion is Ellison for attorney general many of the seats are filled to hear Senator Bernie Sanders.

“We love Bernie, feel the Bern,” Bernie supporters Cindy Lee Olson & Courtney Van Horn said.

“Keith has been a leader in work with me,” Sanders said.

Lined up since the early afternoon, crowds were feeling the burn at Denfeld High School. It was easy to spot the excitement from some supporters waiting outside.

One woman from Wisconsin cleared tells us she cleared her day to join her aunt at the Rally.

“We’re the political ones in the family so we like to do these things,” Cindy Lee Olson & Courtney Van Horn said.

Although the pair are Bernie supporters, they say events like this one present a great opportunity to become more aware.

“We’re at that stage now that we need to learn more about candidates so we can be informed voters,” Van Horn said.

During the rally, Sanders asks the audience to stay informed telling supporters it’s a crucial time to stay aware since President Trump is in office.

“But it is not a good thing when the political process is so debased that the president lies all the time,” Sanders said.

The room full of supporters stood to give a round of applause. But a major hot topic on the minds of people at the rally is the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline.

“Hoping that he speaks out against it because that’s a big issue here in Northern Minnesota,” Smiles said.

Another member in the crowd yelled out asking Ellison his stance. The attorney general candidate did not specify if he’s against or for Line three but replied.

“It is important that we listen to each other that we follow the science, that we make decisions that are for the long–term,” Ellison said.

Ellison’s campaign stresses this is not a metro Minnesota campaign, it’s a one Minnesota campaign and Senator Sanders has a message for the state as well.

“Ideas that were once thought to be fringe ideas, crazy ideas, you know what they’re now mainstream ideas thank you Minnesota,” Sanders said.

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