Row, Row, Row, Your Boat at the Duluth International Regatta

60th Annual Regatta featured boats up to 65 feet in length

DULUTH, Minn.-The calming sounds of the lakeside are replaced with cheers and pep talks as the Duluth rowing club hosted the 60th Annual Duluth International Regatta, one of the larger regattas in the Northland.

Rowers ranging from teenagers to 70-year–olds gather at the water’s edge to compete, support, and enjoy. And for anyone that thinks it’s a boring leisure activity, you’re definitely mistaken, according to Regatta Chair Claire Persons.

You can expect a lot of excitement at the finish line,”she said, eyes lit up. “The starts are phenomenal too. Because it’s like people are just sitting ready: are you ready, ready all, go. And so all of a sudden people are sitting ready and all of a sudden you see them blast off!”

And they blast off with powerful speed. With boats reaching up to 65 feet in length, and rowers going around 32 strokes a minute, flying across the water is definitely a workout.

“Well it’s really tiring once you get like halfway through the 2K,” said Duluth Rowing Team competitor Jayva Jordan.

But despite the physical activity behind it, Duluth is always a warm atmosphere to come back to, according to competitors.

“I love the energy and like everyone here is pretty friendly and nice,” said Long Lake Rowing Crew competitor Ella Ross. “I also love the town like last night we all got together and walked around as a team. So it’s a nice team bonding place to come and I like it.”

Her team member Laura Boase also has an affection for our fair city.

“And it’s just so beautiful up here. I mean look around, it’s so pretty.”

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