Zoolympics Kick Off at Lake Superior Zoo

This is the second annual Lake Superior Zoolympics

DULUTH, Minn. – Zoos all over the country are celebrating National Zookeepers Week by holding their own Zoolympics, and the celebration continues right here at the Lake Superior Zoo.

National Zookeepers Week celebrates the work that zookeepers do daily to keep everything running smoothly and people who are interested in the field.

The Zoolympics is a week-long event where keepers participate in different challenges each day. The challenges relate to different tasks that the keepers would have to do when actually working, so it gives them the chance to have fun and celebrate their job, while it gives the public the chance to understand more of what the job entails.

“A lot of the things that zookeepers do are really behind the scenes and people don’t necessarily know a lot about our day–to–day routines. So it’s really fun to get out of our box a little bit and ourselves and showcase these skills but also engage the public,” lead zookeeper Emily Perala said of the event.

The Lake Superior Zoolympics runs all week with different events happening each day.

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