Pike Lake Welcomes New Monument for Veterans

Exciting additions are being added at the Pike Lake Veterans Memorial.

PIKE LAKE, Minn.- A new monument is now at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Pike Lake the statue represents the unknown and came about due to a son wanting to honor his father.

The monument is open for interpretation, veterans and families can each takeaway something different. The idea rooted from a man wanting to honor his father, that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Organizers believe it will help many families in the Northland.

“Hopefully this will allow for some healing, that’s the whole purpose and intent of monuments,” Duluth Honor Guard Captain John Marshall said. “To cause us to reflect on things that we’ve done historically that we maybe ought not do or it has a healing aspect to it, so this monument is going to encapsulate all those types of things.”

Meanwhile, another monument is in the works that will be of a Purple Heart, which is expected to open next Memorial Day. The cemetery will open in September.

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