Reading for Well-Being

Wellness Collection Opens at UMD Library

Duluth, Minn.- An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about a book a day? The folks at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s library think they have the answer.

The library just opened a new Wellness Collection. The aim is to increase awareness of well-being with different health related books.

While the library provides some books, students are able to donate and even recommend books to their peers.

“It’s interesting ’cause people read books and then it has inspired their well-being in some way,” said Rachel Gilbertson, Lifestyle Health Coach at UMD. “Instead of those books sitting on their shelves they get to share those with others, and so it’s really cool to see.”

The books can be checked out for four weeks at a time, and you can find the Wellness Collection on the library’s first floor between the audiobooks and current newspapers.

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