FEMA Asseses Flood Damage

Need For Public Assistance Being Determined

Duluth, Minn.-While the flash flood waters ravaged many Northland communities last month, communities still dealing with the effects of the flash flood of 2012, FEMA is reporting Carlton county to be recovering well.

A state of emergency was quickly declared in June, but since then many roads and bridges that were once just chunks floating in water are now restored.

FEMA has come in to look at the damages calculated by local emergency agencies, to determine whether or not the area needs federal public assistance. They praise the efforts of those agencies for efficiently identifying damages.

“Where we look at in the Duluth area many of these projects have already been accomplished because these agencies are terrific,” said FEMA Public Information Officer Darrel Habisch. “They get out there and y’know you need the roads repaired you need the bridges workable.

Despite the progress, Habisch assures that FEMA will not leave until all the damage is covered.

“We’ll be here working with the local emergency managers and the state as long as it takes,” he said.

Along with Carlton county, there are three teams across Minnesota assessing damage. After FEMA wraps up its survey in the Northeast, teams will then transition to the southern part of the state.

The cost of the flood damage will be figured out in the coming weeks. Though Habisch says there’s a strong possibility counties affected will get some type of federal assistance.

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