Lake Superior Zoo Hosts Its Biggest Fundraising Event of the Year

Zoo La Palooza: Fun to Say, Even More Fun to Attend

DULUTH, Minn.- The Lake Superior Zoo hosted it’s first fundraising event of 2018 to raise money for improvements to the facility and additions to the zoo in the coming year.

Zoo La Palooza, an annual event previously held in February, hosted activities for people of all ages, including bouncy houses for children and craft beers for adults. Most of the animal exhibits were also open for viewing.

Revenue and attendance at the zoo plunged after the flood in 2012, so fundraising events like Zoo La Palooza are now a necessity to increase funding.

Zoo CEO Erik Simonson says the zoo is doing well this year financially.

“This year has been better than last year. We’re on an uptake in terms of attendance and revenues.”

Zoo La Palooza was expected to raise nearly $25,000, to aid in expansions like the zoo’s incoming Country Bear exhibit opening in 2019. The exhibit will feature a brown bear for the first time since 2016.

Zoo Director of Marketing and Management Haley Headstrom told Fox 21 the importance of having events like Zoo La Palooza to keep the facility going for generations to come.


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