Margaret Engebretson Campaigns for Wisconsin 7th Congressional District

Democratic candidate speaks out in light of federal engagements

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Democratic candidate Margaret Engebretson held a media conference and campaigned for the 7th congressional district seat in Superior.

Engebretson is a 24-year armed forces veteran and is running against incumbent Sean Duffy for the spot as a U.S. Congresswoman.

Thursday’s conference was the candidate’s call to action in light of the federal interactions between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Engebretson believes that it is critical for leaders of the nation to speak out when events concerning the safety of the nation’s people are at hand.

“I think that it’s important that people, leaders in the political system and other agencies in our communities step forward and speak up. Call out what is going on, and also have a call to action so that we unite and defend our democracy.”

The candidate believes the nation’s most fundamental form of defense comes from the rallying of citizens, not necessarily the military or intelligent services alone.

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