Morris Looks To Recapture Junior Welterweight Title

Markus Morris will take on former champ Rondale Hubbert on August 17.

DULUTH, Minn. –┬áLocal boxer Markus Morris has his next fight set.

The former junior welterweight champ will take on the other former champ Rondale Hubbert for the vacant title on August 17 at the Grand Casino in Hinckley.

“We knew we’d be fighting each other up in here so I wasn’t really surprised. I knew it was coming close to that time. But overall, I’m happy to get it because I decided I got to try and get my belt back,” Morris said.

Morris is excited to settle the debate as to who is the best in the 140 pound weight class.

“It’s a real big fight because before I had the belt, he had it so everybody wants to see us fight and everybody wants to see who the real champ is,” Morris said.

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