Park Point Hosts Water Safety Expo

DULUTH, Minn.- With these waves in Lake Superior, the risk level is moderately high, a yellow flag.

“When you’re playing in the water be cognizant of what’s going on around you,” Duluth Coast Guard Dale Hollingsworth said.

By staying aware the waves don’t have to put a damper on your beach day.

“If you know what they are and what’s going on, it’s not that difficult to get out of them,” Hollingsworth said.

Experts say it’s important to talk to children about water safety, a specially when swimming in Lake Superior.

The Water Safety Expo got the conversation flowing before beachgoers hit the sand.

“They’ll pick up on those lessons really quickly,” Coastal Communities Extension Educator Jesse Schomberg said.

The big question of the day, what life jacket size do you need?

“This is one way to keep them safe and that’s what it’s all about being safe on the water,”

Expo organizers handed out free life jackets, a very important piece of equipment.

“Because the water is unpredictable especially when there are big waves,” Schomberg said.

Once you have your life jacket, designated swimming buddy, and a good floatie, you’re ready for a packed beach.

But Experts warn to not excite the family too much about a beach day before checking the rip current risk level.

“When those red flags are flying that’s a bad day to go to the beach,” Schomberg said.

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