Superior Engwall Folding Its Petals

Store Closing at End of the Month

Superior, WI-¬†Engwall’s flower shop is closing it’s doors in Superior and merging with their Hermantown location at the end of the month.

Despite the closure, Engwall’s employees can still work at the Hermantown location. Owners said the move is due to the decreased number of walk-in customers at that store, with about 90 percent of their business coming online. They join the growing number of brick and mortar stores shifting focus and resources to their online counterparts.

“We really don’t think in today’s world that it will have a negative effect at all,” said Engwall’s President Rod Saline. “Because most business that a retail florist done is over the phone or online. And there is more online purchasing being done with us and others all the time.”

While the physical store will no longer pollinate the air in Superior, Engwall’s little green trucks will still be seen buzzing around Superior, and the rest of the Northland.

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