Chop, Drop, and Roll at the 59th Annual Lumberjack World Championship`

You don't want to mess with these Jacks and Jills!

HAYWARD, Wis. – What many refer to as the “Forest Olympics” is back again for the 59th annual Lumberjack World Championship in Northern Wisconsin.

The event hosts athletes from all over the world to compete in everything from your traditional block chop to Jack and Jill events like the double buck saw.

Competing for nearly 20 years now is Hayward’s very own Nancy Zalewski, a 10 time world champion competing in every female included event this year.

Nancy’s passion for the outdoor activities included in the competition is one she prides in sharing with all sorts of people, and encourages people to check it out if they never have before.

“We try to bring people in. It’s very exciting. For me, I’m not a NASCAR fan. I don’t enjoy watching cars go around in a circle, but I enjoy watching someone cut a block. Everybody’s got their own thing that they enjoy, but if you’ve never seen it, you’ve got to tune in and watch it.”

The competition itself is broken up into three rounds to narrow down finalists, but there is more to offer than just competing at this event. The grounds are stock full of vendors, food trucks, beer, and something for the whole family.

Ben Popp, the executive director for the competition, said his favorite part about the event was just how much of a spectacle it was for so many different people. He loves the fact that the championship allows a chance to host the world in Hayward’s back yard.

Athletes wanted to remind those at home that they can still cheer on the competition through a livestream online at

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