Duluth Celebrates its Greatest Natural Resource

The Water for Life Festival featured good music for a good cause

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s no surprise that the heart of the Northland lays with the lake, which is many gathered Sunday afternoon to honor not only the Earth but also its water.

Bayfront Festival Park filled with guests anxious to hear big time musical acts like the Indigo Girls, and activists groups and speakers all uniting to support the protection of the earth’s water supply.

After the Husky Refinery explosion earlier this year, organizations like the Twin Ports Action Alliance are taking any opportunity they can to share the importance of keeping the water clear of oil and other contaminates.

“Oil and water do not mix,” Ginger Juel from the Twin Port Action Alliance told Fox 21.

Juel finds events like the Honor the Earth festival critical for citizens to show that they do have a voice when it comes to issues like protecting water.

Honor the Earth is a 25-year-old organization and has hosted over 150 concerts across the United States. This year’s concert in Duluth almost tripled in number of guests attending from last year’s concert.

Event organizers like Wynona LaDuke loves the fact that music can bring so many people together for such an important cause.

Music is this common denominator, and we love music. It fills our heart. When a musician says ‘this is what I’m doing… we all feel it.”

Many of the event’s musical acts found that most people have a positive response regarding the protection of the Earth’s resources, especially in a city like Duluth, “a city that loves water.”

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