Lake Superior Art Glass Introduces Plastic Straw Alternative

You can take the Pyrex strawws wherever you go and they come in two different sizes.

DULUTH, Minn. – Did you know Americans use hundreds of millions straws every day?

Those plastic straws can end up in our oceans and can cause pollution and harm to marine life.

San Francisco recently banned all plastic straws and takeout containers.

Now one business in Duluth now has an alternative to help reduce plastic waste.

“It’s an issue that so many people care about now and it’s come to the forefront,” said Lake Superior Art Glass Sales Associate Lizzy Borgwardt. “People want to start making their differences, so other people join as well.”

Lake Superior Art Glass has Pyrex straws available.

You can take them wherever you go and they come in two different sizes.

The straws are reusable and durableĀ and staff say they’re easy to make.

First they’re shaped then rounded out.

“I’ve actually had a lot of friends reach out to me via social media or in person. I’ve gotten quite a few for them in return, because they are trying to monitor their plastic consumption,” said Borgwardt. “It’s a great gift for family members I did that for my family for Christmas and things like that, because you really don’t know how much you’re using until you start paying attention to those small things.”

The Pyrex straws cost $7 at Lake Superior Art Glass and you can also grab one at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

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