Superior Husky Refinery to Begin Normal Operations in 2020

Company officials assure there will be no employment lay-offs despite the set-back

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Exactly three months to the day since the Superior Husky Energy explosion and company leaders come forward praising the company’s continued economic advancement to the city.

The Wisconsin location should be running normal operations within 18 to 24 months, but in the mean time continues to employee the same, if not more workers than before the event.

Between construction and clean-up, the location is staying busy and moving forward as efficiently as possible.

During a conference call, company leaders like Chief Operating Officer Rob Symonds shared with investors that the damages caused by the fire add up to nearly 21 million U.S. dollars, with total expenses so far putting them at $41 million.

“Superior affects us physically. Of course we do have business interruption insurance, so we will still get most of the benefits from Superior despite it being offline,” Symonds said referring to the Canadian-based company’s comeback.

As for how the community is being affected right now, their greatest concern, according to Superior Mayor Jim Paine, is making sure the company is doing what it can to keep their workers safe and that Husky continues to offer a place of work for as many people as possible moving forward.

“The next steps tomorrow are what the next steps were yesterday. It’s still clean up, it’s still repair and that’s going to be the case for a very long time.”

Regarding the concerns of the company’s future use of Hydrogen Fluoride, Mayor Paine says the recovery and investigation is ongoing. Husky’s immediate next steps will be a public update by the Chemical Safety Board with what they know to be the cause of the explosion and subsequent fire.

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