Bowfest a Bullseye Bonanza for Bowhunters

2nd Annual Bowfest Begins

Superior, WI-Bows at the ready, Robin Hoods everywhere. The 2nd Annual Bowfest has begun in Superior.

The Mont Du Lac Resort is now crawling with archers anxious to execute some targets. Equipment and food vendors are also propped up on the hill.

You can choose from stationary, moving, distance or aerial targets. Not only do they look the part, they can be just as difficult to hit as the real things.

“The archery, I love the challenge of shooting,” said Superior shooter Dale Kuhlman. “I haven’t hunted for years but the target really is enjoyable. I always tell people that they should come and try it. If you’re into hunting this’ll make you a better hunter.”

The event has divisions for each age group, so even budding bowhunters can strut their stuff for the whole family.

“Well I hope to shoot that T–Rex over there,” said shooter Gabe Henderson of Menominee.

Gabe’s brother, Evan says there’s no rush like a shooter’s rush.

“I like the feeling when you draw your bow back and it fires and you shoot a good score,” he said.

Now if archery doesn’t run through your veins, you can still enjoy the live music from Aaron Lewis and a Lynrd Skynrd tribute band, among others.

The festival continues until 10am on Sunday the 29th.

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