Vikre and Bent Paddle’s Newest Whiskey Creation

The distillery releases its black ale made malt liquor

DULUTH, Minn.- The Vikre Distillery in Canal Park released its newest collaboration project to the public for purchase Friday.

Bent Paddle Brewing Black Malt Whiskey has been a project five years in the making and finally made its debut after a bit of trial and error.

Vikre founders and Bent Paddle Brewing Co-Owners gathered in the distillery in honor of the malt liquor to answer questions about its creation.

Characterized with a roasted dark-chocolate taste, the drink ends with a hoppy finish, an expected but exciting turnout from the original black ale the whiskey is made from.

“That’s what I think is neat about a partnership like this. The brewing and fermentation aspect of whiskey is usually pretty opaque, and here you know what it tasted like before we distilled it because you can go out and drink a Bent Paddle Black Ale,” Joel Vikre told Fox 21.

Vikre prides itself on its zero-waste policy and announced the collaboration’s use of local Minnesota grains and water direct from Lake Superior.

Vikre and Bent Paddle Brewing hope and plan to work together again in the future.

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