Bowfest in Full Swing

Archer's Find their Paradise in Superior

Superior, WI- The hills of Mont Du Lac become a plastic forest as elk, deer, bears and even dinosaurs come out….to get shot…

at the 2nd Annual Bowfest.

The air is filled with the “thwip” of arrows leaving bows and meeting their targets. Sunlight glisten off the shiny bows hanging patiently on archers’ shoulders.

In terms of competition, even friends are fair game on the challenging ranges.

“It was pretty sweet, I shot pretty decent,” said Elk River shooter Jack Averill. “But I did beat my friend so that’s good.”

The feeling of victory isn’t the only prize, because top of the line gear is availble to the top three winners in each division, and even some for raffle giveaways.

But the true reward is the chance to sling some arrows with your buddies, new, old, and even famous. Hosts of the sportsman’s channel’s Relentless Pursuit were shooting at the practice range.

They say they love the Northland vibe.

“Friendly, very friendly,” said co-host and wife Kerrie Wells.

“The hunting industry and the archery industry is pretty small so it’s a family atmosphere,” said husband co-host Tim Wells. “And y’know we meet a lot of people up here we haven’t had a chance to, but a lot of them that we already knew, so.”

The family may not be so small, as archers came out in droves. A big shoot typically has 100–200 shooters. Bowfest had over 700 pre–registered shooters on Saturday, with an estimated 2,000 total for the whole weekend. The biggest shoot in the state.

While the deadly crossbows hanging on shoulders may deceive, Bowfest attracts the most welcoming archers around. Until next year, bowhunters.

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