Pedestrians for Pitbull Positivity

2nd Walk with a Pitbull Held at Leif Erickson Park

Duluth, Minn- Duluth’s Leif Erickson park went to the dogs

as a group walked to promote Pitbull awareness.

Organized by, the walk was to promote Pitbull Positivity, and debunk negative Pitbull stereotypes.

Many think of Pitbulls as angry, antisocial, and the start of most dog attacks. Yet according to the CDC, fatal dog attacks are not breed specific.

“Pitbulls and Pitbull type dogs are just like any other dog,” said organizer Jesse Hakala, walking with his Pitbull, Apollo. “They’re individuals and great dogs just like any other breed.”

Walkers and their families were happy to share their best friends with others in the park. While the canines showed off their kindness.

“I’ve had a Pit in the household ever since either one of my kids were born,” said walker Matt Erjavec. “And you won’t find a more loving dog. This one is hard to get her off your lap cuddling on the couch at night,” he said, gesturing to his Pitbull, Surf.

Some of the pups were pretty pooped. Sammy, a Pitbull-Terrier mix, was snorting with exhaustion. His shorter legs and stubbier neck make walking a bit more cumbersome, but nevertheless, he persisted.

This is the second Walk with a Pitbull held this summer, the first taking place on Mother’s Day. Hakala said there are more walks to come. and they’re not just for Pitbulls, all woofers are welcome. Some are even up for adoption by local shelters.


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