Whitewater Rafters Compete in Paddlemania

Paddlers competed in a 30-minute race along the St. Louis River.

CARLTON, Minn. – For the eighth straight year, paddlers gathered at the St. Louis river for a 30 minute race as part of the first day of Paddlemania.

About 30 racers took part in the event, and they can be just starting out or very experienced as the day is more about having fun and coming together as a group.

“There’s expert kayakers, people that have been paddling for a long time, and then there’s people that just got into it the last could of years that have really accelerated their skills and are able to paddle class three, four, five white water, and I think it’s the camaraderie that everyone comes together, supports each other and enjoys the awesome water conditions that we have today,” Paddlemania organizer Cliff Langley.

Even for the racers, they’re more excited to be out having fun then worrying about who wins.

“It brings us all together in the summer, nice weather, warm water, and it’s just a celebration of our community. It’s not about the race necessarily, it’s about our community, it’s so fun,” paddler Clint Massey said.

There will be another part to Paddlemania, which will be a team event on Sunday afternoon.

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