Friends of Animals Begins Closure

The 35 Year Old Shelter Enters its Final Week

Cloquet, Minn-The financial pressure hasn’t changed for the better for the “Friends of Animals Humane Society.”It’s closing its doors on Aug 5th. And the animals need to go to new homes now.

Less than seven days until the cash-strapped doors are locked indefinitely.

10 cats climb, scratch, and play, unaware of the fate of their current home.

And for their caretakers it’s equally unbelievable.

“It’s honestly it’s quite surreal,” said Interim Director Mary Nelson. “This building, for us it was a dream that a lot of people worked really hard for: the public and the board and the staff. So it’s been sad and very surreal, but we still have hope.”

When the closure was announced about a month ago 20 dogs were up for adoption. Today only three are left.

But three dogs too many, for a shelter about to go dark.

“It’s been slow and steady. There have been a few days we haven’t had adoptions,” said Nelson. “But otherwise it has been slow and steady where usually we have an adoption or two a day between dogs and cats.”

While staff wants all of their animals adopted as soon as possible, none will be put down. Any animals not adopted by closing, remaining animals will be taken in by the Humane Society of Douglas County in Superior. There they will continue waiting for a loving family.

“If the animals are gone we will close. So Sunday was going to be our closing date. But if we no longer have animals we will put an announcement out to the public because we would be closed otherwise,” Nelson said.

An extra ray of hope, as the sun begins to set on a shelter that’s been saving the city’s animals for 35 years.

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