Great Outdoors: Blueberry Picking at Blackbirds & Blueberries Farm

Blackbirds & Blueberries is located at 3601 Crosby Rd, Cloquet, MN 55720.

CLOQUET, Minn. – You can pick one or try to pick them all.

Blueberry picking season is upon us.

A bucket of blueberries filled all the way to the top is the goal for most blueberry pickers and at Blackbirds & Blueberries farm is where you’ll find Gail Olson.

“It’s important to pick the blueberries that are blue all the way around, so the backside should be blue as well,” said Olson. “They should also come off the stems really easily.”

You can tell Gail has done this before.

Just look at her hands. They’re blue!

She usually tries to pick about 35 pounds of blueberries every year.

“These blueberries are so delicious, they are the best that I’ve ever had,” said Olson.

The farm has about 3,000 plants producing blueberries this year.

Enough for you to make all things blueberry.

“You can make blueberry muffins or you can put them in smoothies or make a blueberry pie,” said Olson. 

There’s no special technique when it comes to picking blueberries but keep this in mind.

“If they’re not ripe they won’t roll off,” said Blackbirds & Blueberries Owner Lori Eaton. “You’ll have to tug at them.”

Blackbirds & Blueberries Farm is about three acres in size and you’ll find a variety of at least seven blueberries.

“It’s four different fields actually and they ripen at four different stages,” said Eaton.

So it takes quite a bit of work to maintain.

“We do a lot of tasting and we walk the fields constantly,” said Eaton.

The blueberry picking season lasts about three weeks based on one main factor.

“I wish I could schedule it a little faster, but we can’t it just depends on the weather,” said Eaton.

Blueberry pickers come in all ages.

Staffmembers tell us the youngest picker they’ve had was about two weeks old.

“We have elderly people that can’t pick them anymore and so that’s why we pick them and we offer that service just some people life gets in the way,” said Eaton.

Blackbirds & Blueberries has updates on Facebook with picking times so grab your bucket.

“There’s nothing better than fresh blueberries,” said Eaton.

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