Superior Gratefully Gives Goodies to Storm Drain Adopters

Volunteers Thanked, Taught New Stream Monitoring Techniques

Superior, WI- The Superior Public Works Department thanked Volunteer Storm Drain Adopters, and taught them how to sample the water of Faxson Creek as a new stream monitoring system kicked off.

Around 30 volunteers of all ages met at Central Park to learn how to sample the creek water for sediment, salt, temperature, and dissolved oxygen, all of which they found to be normal for this time of year.

Officials say these sample sites will now open across the city, to encourage more residents to pay attention to nearby sources of water.

“Storm water pollution is something we all have to take some responsibility for, because it’s coming off of all of our properties,” said Water Resources Specialist Andrea Crouse. “It’s not coming out the end of a pipe so it can’t be regulated in the same way that we manage other types of water pollution.”

Even kids got in on the science as they learned about water pollutants and the chemicals used to test the water.

City officials are reminding smokers to properly dispose of cigarette butts as a lot were found in the creek today. While it is summer time, officials also remind you to cut back on the amount of road salt you use on your driveway this winter.

You can find more tips to keep Lake Superior clean on the city’s website.

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