Duluth Para Pup Helping Create Colorful Canines and Cats

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DULUTH, Minn. – A marketing degree with a minor in business management is now helping one Northland woman create a business she’s always dreamed of becoming a reality.

“I’ve met a lot of different people that I never knew before,” said Alyssa Burr, Owner of Duluth Para Pup.

Socializing and social media go hand-and-hand for Burr.

“I get to see pets all the time,” said Burr.

She’s not your typical nine-to-five employee. This is because Burr works nearly every day to create colorful collars and vibrant leashes.

“It’s great,” said Burr. “I have some very loyal customers.”

Her counter and tabletop serve as a canvas for creativity, with your pet’s quality always in mind.

“The para cord is parachute cord which is originally used for parachutes of course,” said Burr.

Burr says the material she uses will withstand a breaking strength of 550 pounds.

“The strands are made of a nylon cord and then they have seven inner strands, and within those inner strands they’re made up of three smaller strands,” said Burr.

A material originally used for parachutes, now fining a purpose in your pet’s life.

“I can do little cat collars as well because I have a Chihuahua,” said Burr.

Duluth Para Pup is going on two years of serving Northland animal owners. Burr says she’s honored to help bring color and creativity into the lives of furry four legged friends.

“PetSmart and Petco, all those big companies, you’re supporting a CEO, someone large in the company and when you do small businesses you support people like me,” said Burr.

Burr markets most of her products on social media.

All collars, leashes and other products are made to order and are fully customizable.

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