First Annual Superior Spartan Football Champions Camp

Superior High School football team looks to bridge the gap between athletics and special needs students.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Superior High School football team worked to bridge the gap between athletics and special needs students by hosting the first annual Superior Spartan Football Champions Camp.

The camp is designed for kids with disabilities to get the chance to participate in a sport that they normally would not be able to do.

“We’ve got seven stations set up with different football related skills and activities at each station. We’ve got a picture with Sparty our mascot. Just a lot of fun activities,” said head coach Bob De Meyer.

Although the camp is based in Superior, it’s not just for the Northland community.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re from the Twin Ports area or from somewhere down south. Wherever they come from, they’re going to come here and expect to have a good time. It’ll be a learning experience for our kids, for the participants, parents. We’re just looking forward to having a good time together,” said De Meyer.

While the main focus is to just have a great time, it was also an opportunity for the campers to form new relationships.

“It was really awesome to get what I do for a living and get more of the kids that I’ve worked with part of a bigger group, a bigger family, a bigger community. So it was super cool to know that we can do something to help these students become part of something bigger,” said Superior special education teacher Paige Gilbertson.

There was no shortage of support from the entire community.

“The community is super excited about it. It’s something that get’s students that normally aren’t recognized for the sports and things like that to come and do the sports aspect of everything. So it was really nice to get them to come and be a part of it,” said Gilbertson.

But the people who seemed to be the most excited were the members of the Spartan football team.

“I’m looking for kids to have fun. I mean, we put together a great thing here. It doesn’t really matter what the numbers are we’re going to try to go out there and make the kids have fun,” said running back Conner Fonger.

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