Protesters Raise Awareness of Potential Mining and Oil Issues

Community members gathered to share their concerns

DULUTH, Minn.- Dozens marched through downtown Duluth with a common goal to raise awareness of potential pollution problems in the area, preserve the eco-system and sustain human life.

Supporters of the Water is Life movement and several other organizations lined the Minnesota Power Plaza to stand against the updated Enbridge line 3 oil pipeline, proposed sulfide mining projects and Husky Energy’s continued use of hydrogen fluoride in their Superior refinery.

Protesters like Korii Northrup told Fox 21 that public organization like this one is important to rally those with similar issues and create solidarity among concerned communities.

“It’s important for everyone to learn what their particular role is as we move into the future, as we continue to fight for clean water and air and healthy eco–systems. It’s important to be informed and just do some research on your own.”

Participants alerted local businesses of the frequency of oil spills in recent years and how they believe it adversely affects cities, like Duluth, that are built on water.

When asked to comment on the protest, Enbridge community Engagement Manager Jennifer Smith said:

“We respect people’s right to express their views safely and in accordance with the law. It’s important to know that the groups protesting have, in many cases, participated in the regulatory review process for the Line 3 Replacement Project. Replacing Line 3 is about safety, first and foremost. The best way to protect Minnesota’s environment and ensure we get the energy we use in the State is to replace Line 3. The Public Utilities Commission recognized this when they voted unanimously to grant the Project a Certificate of Need.”

One of the biggest messages sent by the protesters was that they have a right to peacefully assemble and raise awareness for what they believe are important local issues.

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