Cyclists Swarm the Honey Bee Folk Festival

Don't start the day with just another 5k!

CLOQUET, Minn.- The northtland celebrated and event sweeter than honey as the first ever Honey Bee Folk Festival made its way to Cloquet.

One particular group of festival goers wanted to raise awareness for the honey bees and be one with nature, but they wanted to show up in style. Instead of flying in like a regular swarm of nature’s favorite pollinators, these busy bees traded in their wings for wheels, arriving to this first annual festival with anything other than yet another 5k.

Tom Maloney was one of 20 in the group calling themselves, “The Swarm,” and turned this bike ride vision into a reality with the help several companies in the community.

“I always love my bicycle because it just connects me to being outside. It’s so much more fun to arrive to a place by bicycle rather than by car.”

But this wasn’t just a little bike ride. In fact, it was a 17-mile hull down the Munger trail through mist and rain. But these cyclists were determined to ride no matter what the weather was.

The ride started at Beaner’s Central in West Duluth and rode all the way to Magnolia Cafe in Carlton, where warm coffee and beignets awaited their arrival two hours later.

Maloney was thrilled that despite the rain, the ride was smooth for all of the cyclists, and now that energy was high, they were ready to take on the day’s events at the Oldenburg House, together.

“Now we just sit in a chair and enjoy some beautiful local music and learn about honey bees and it should be a great day.”

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