Dozens of Kids Participate in a Triathlon Made Just for Them

These tiny triathletes swim, bike, and run like champions

DULUTH, Minn.- The weather was just warm enough for the kids outside to crack open an ice cold root beer at the 2018 Root Beer Kids Triathlon.

Overr 100 kids ages 6 to 14 participated in the annual race. It started in honor of the Lakewalk Surgery Center Brewhouse Triathalon, but is exclusively for child athletes. Come from a famility of triathletes, Kiera Friden was the first female to finish this year’s race in the older kid’s devision.

“Once you get over the finish line it feels really good to be finally finished with it.”

This was Kiera’s first year participating in the race.

Racers started with a swim, moved to bikes, and finally finished with the running portion. One they caught their breath, they got the reward of an ice cold root beer.

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