First Practice A Success for UMD Football

The Bulldogs wrapped their first practice of 2018 Tuesday morning at Malosky Stadium.

DULUTH, Minn. – The UMD football team held their first practice for the 2018 season Tuesday morning at Malosky Stadium.

No pads for Day One as the team just tries to get their feet under them as they step on Griggs Field for the first time as a team since the spring. And the hype is real as the Bulldogs get ready to make some noise in 2018.

“It was a good feeling being back on the field. We had an opportunity to walk our freshman in and see those people move around a little bit and also see what kind of condition we’re in after the summer,” head coach Curt Wiese said.

“There was a lot of energy out there. It’s good to get back there on the football field and strap a helmet on and throw the ball around a bit. It was very fun,” senior wide receiver Nate Ricci said.

For the upperclassmen, they know what to expect from fall camp. As for the new guys on the team, it can be tough on them, Especially during the first week.

“It’s one thing to see it before practice on paper, and then you get out here and the coaches are yelling where you want to go and just giving us the next drill. It’s like ‘Oh shoot. Where do I go now?’ You kind of run through your head and once you get there, you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing,” said senior wide receiver Jason Balts.

“For those who haven’t ever done a fall camp, it’s not easy. And I think that mentally is a lot harder than people assume. They always think that two-a-days and fall camp is going to be physical. Mentally, it can drain you if you don’t know what’s going on. It’s a tough thing to go through,” senior linebacker A.J. Naatz said.

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