Hostel du Nord Prepares to Open in September

Lodging Alternative Soon Available Downtown

DULUTH, Minn. – A form of lodging more common in the big cities or while traveling abroad is coming to Duluth.

The Hostel Du Nord will be the first hostel in the Twin Ports, in just a few weeks they’ll start taking reservations.

As construction wraps up, we got at the first sneak peek inside their space on West First Street.

Bob Monahan is the owner of the Red Herring, the nature of his job in the music business opened his eyes to a need for affordable, safe lodging downtown.

“Musicians come to town and need a place to stay, they aren’t picky but it’s hard to find place,” said Monahan.

In order to slash the prices his new project offers something a little different. At Hostel Du Nord guests get a bed, a secure locker to keep your stuff. They will share a bathroom, kitchen, and living area with potentially 40 strangers if it’s a full night.

“Just wait until you see it, it’s going to be one of the nicer places to stay in town, which is what people aren’t expecting,” said Monahan.

Transforming the old Garon Brothers Jewelry Store to the newest vacation hotspot is still a work in progress, but the goal is to open the hostel September 1.

The first floor will have bunks, a laundry room and sauna. The second floor will have a big lobby and living space. On the third room there will be more bunks with a few bathrooms.

Prices will be about a third of the surrounding hotels.

“People are interested in less expensive alternatives they want to take savings and spend it on a nice dinner or craft beer or music.”

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