Neighborhood Night Out Builds Relationships Between Local Law Enforcement and the Community

The perfect opportunity for them to get to know you on a deeper level!

DULUTH, Minn.- The 38th annual Neighborhood Night Out event took place in several locations across the twin ports this evening to rally community engagement and focus on building relationships.

Communities all over the country gather to celebrate the event in the first week of August for food, fun and family, but most importantly in honor of fostering personal relationships between public safety and average people in the area.

Hundreds came┬ácelebrated in the Twin Ports from Wade Bowl in Superior to smaller venues like Piedmont Dental in Duluth, all with fun activities for kids like allowing them to sit and play in fire trucks and police cruisers. Superior Police Chief Nicholas Alexander says it’s the perfect chance to show kids at a young age that they are able to come to their local officers with any problems they may face.

“It’s really a great chance for us to build some positive relationships with the youth at a young age and hopefully make them comfortable knowing that we’re here to be helpers and we’re approachable and that if they have a problem to come up and talk to us.”

But the event isn’t all fun and games. It also serves the purpose of teaching neighbors how to look out for each other in order to keep crime as low as possible. Superior City Councilor Tylor Elm told FOX 21 that there are a lot of opportunities for citizens to be involved, they just have to learn what they are.

Officer Alexander says that there has been a decrease in crime in the past several years and he owes it to community events like this one.

For many officers, Neighborhood Night Out is one of their favorite events of the year because it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know the city they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting.

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