Pasta Over Pence

'Penne Not Pence' Dinner for those Against Administration

Duluth, Minn.- While Vice President Pence was entertaining crowds and raising funds for Pete Stauber, a completely different type of fundraiser happened at the Dr. Robert Powless Cultural Center in Duluth.

The Loaves and Fishes Community hosted a “Penne Not Pence” Dinner. Open to the public, they served a plate of pasta for only 10 cents.

Organizers said the small, intimate scope of this event was to mirror Pence and Stauber’s private fundraiser, just as the large marches they organized against President Trump’s visit mirrored the large scope of his rally.

“This one, it was a small, pretty sensitive, private event that you had to pay $1000 even to get into it,” said organizer Michael Elderbrook. “And so we thought we would have our own event that was much more accessible to the public and just working people in general; who can probably afford a 10 cent meal over a $1000 plate.”

Guests could also donate to some local organizations.

The people behind the event said it was a chance for those who feel marginalized by the Trump Administration to come together, eat good food, and enjoy their community.

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