Cost To Move Irvin From Slip Rises Past Budget To $850,000

DULUTH, Minn. – The city of Duluth needs $250,000 more than budgeted to move the William A. Irvin out of the Minnesota Slip.

The mayor’s office says it wants to borrow those dollars from tourism tax revenue (hotel, motel, food and beverage taxes) already set aside to pay for the Minnesota Slip Bridge’s recent retrofit project.

The city would then defer payments for the bridge until 2022.

With the approval from council, the total cost to move the Irvin will be $850,000, which includes the cost of tug boats, barges, insurance and the installation of semi-permanent pilings outside the slip for safe exit of the Irvin, among other costs.

The slip is right now going through a multi-million dollar seawall reconstruction project, which will be followed by contamination cleanup this fall with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

When the Irvin is removed from the slip, it will be housed at the Fraser Shipyards in Superior to get a paint job and rehab work, which is being funded by the DECC.

The Irvin has been closed all season and won’t be open for October’s Haunted Ship.

DECC officials have said normal operations will resume next year.

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