Duluth Native Mandy Kurosky A Player to Watch For UMD Volleyball

Kurosky was a redshirt last year for Northern State University.

DULUTH, Minn.- UMD volleyball is on to day two of practice. The Bulldog roster is stacked this season with players ready to bring the team back to the NCAA tournament.

One of those players is Duluth native Mandy Kurosky. Kurosky transferred to UMD from Northern State University last year and as overwhelming as the initial move was, her teammates made the adjustment easy for her.

“So I feel for all of these freshman because it’s scary coming into a new program, especially when you’re transferring in conference. For me it worked out nice because I didn’t start until the summer, so we were doing workouts so I just got thrown into it and all the girls here are really welcoming and the culture of UMD volleyball is just something to really be proud of,” said Kurosky.

When deciding to transfer Kurosky said that UMD had all the qualities she was looking for both within the team and from the outside community.

“The one thing I was looking for when I transferred was like a family, an experience I wanted to wake up and go to every day where we really all care about each other and that’s how it is here. We have a lot of good support with the community.”

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