The Northland Blitz Are Headed to the MPFL Championship

This is the first time in program history, that the team will be making a championship game appearance.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Northland Blitz are headed to the championship for the first time in team history. The Blitz will be taking on the Tri City Northstars in the quest for the MPFL title.

All season long the Northland has been winning games with deficits as large as 65–0, which is a testament to both their offense and their defense. The team believes a big part of their success is due to the wide age range of the group.

“We have a lot of older players that’s bringing up the younger players. The younger players bring the athleticism and the older players bring the mindset and the mental to it. When you put it together it makes it work,” said quarterback Kevin Gregory.

Even though the Blitz has one more game to play, just having come this far has created numerous opportunities for both the players and their coaches.

“From it, some actually went to go play pro ball mid season from having highlights and a lot of the coaching staff go invited to high schools and colleges to continue on coaching this fall,” said defensive coordinator Antonio O’Neil.

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