Bikers Band Against Bullies

Syd's Angel Bikers Against Bullies

Superior, WI- Northland kids that suffer from bullying are got some help, but the helpers may not be who you expect.

On Saturday Aug 11th, the Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies rally started at the Powerhouse Bar in Proctor in the morning, and later stopped at the World of Wheels skate rink in Superior.

If you think it’s weird that burly bikers are doing this, Superior Mayor (and fellow biker) Jim Paine says they’re the best group to get behind this cause.

“A group of people that didn’t always fit in with other parts of society. They’re different, but they find a lot of camaraderie in the things that make them unique,” said Paine, seated comfortably on his Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle. “And so they’re folks that understand what it’s like to feel different, and how important it is to support each other.”

Syd’s Bikers raised money by charging riders $20 per bike, and $10 per passenger. More than 50 riders were happy to take the ride.

The hogs first rode on the scene after founder Greg Carson discovered a video of young Sydney of St. Francis being bullied. And that’s an understatement, for Sydney was lured into the woods and brutally beaten up by other girls. After seeing that, Carson and his bikers decided enough is enough.

They unite, to send one message.

“If you are getting ridiculed, if you are getting bullied, there is help out there for you,” said local biker Commander Jason Siveny. “If it’s in school reach out to a teacher, a principal, a counselor, your parents. And by golly, Syd’s Angels is here too.”

Siveny said that the two Syd’s Angels Facebook Pages, one for the area and the larger one out of the cities, are always open to anyone who wants help, or just someone to talk to.

The local group can be found here:

While the larger group operates at this page:

As always, the National Bullying website,, is available for resources and information.

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