Duluth Human Development Center Receives Almost $2 Million to Help Mental Illness

HDC applied and was awarded three grants in just six months

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Human Development Center for community Mental Health is moving forward with several new programs thanks to nearly $2 million in grant money.

In the past six months, HDC was awarded money from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to three programs focusing on prevention of early on-set mental illness. HDC was the only agency outside of the metro area to recive one of the three donations known as the “First Episidoe Psychosis Grant,” helping those suffering from illnesses like Bipolar disorder.

HDC Executive Director Jim Getchell says HDC is ecstatic to receive this funding because mental illnesses are more common than people think, and catching them early on is beneficial for a number of reasons.

“Mental illnesses are among the highest diagnosed chronic illnesses that people in Minnesota and nationwide suffer from, depression and anxiety being two of the very highest, but episodes of psychosis are an indication that an even more serious form of mental illness is on–setting with those patients.”

The other two grants are being used to reduce mental illness hospitalizations and to initiate on-site health managers at all 29 schools within HDC’s four-county district. This is part of Minnesota’s plan to have mental health experts available to students in every school withing the state.

HDC is waiting to hear back to receive a $4 million federal grant to continue their expansion of community mental health programs in the area.

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