Getting Groovy with Ely’s Spiritwood “Forget Me Not” Foundation

The Spiritwood Foundation is set to Host Their Next Performance, "Remember When, A Musical Happening," August 17, 18

ELY, Minn. – The Spiritwood ‘Forget Me Not’ Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that enhance the quality of life of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

Their efforts are aimed at the many concerns and worries of family members and caregivers, and their focus is on the dignity of each individual.

From their popular “Remember When, A Musical Happening” to benefit concerts that raise caregiver assistance funds, the Spiritwood Foundation’s efforts in the arts are an entertaining way for folks to get involved and contribute.

Founders Donna and Pat Surface call it Fun-Raising!

They have raised thousands of dollars, money they put right back into the community through gifts to organizations such as Northwoods Partners of Ely (who provide support services for individuals who are aged, chronically ill, or disabled, and for their families and caregivers), and Minnesota Veterans Home Silver Bay (supporting programs like their Summer Concert Series for the Vets).

The Spiritwood Foundation stays in the trenches, right in the middle of the day-to-day battle with theĀ horrible disease – working with the afflicted and their families and donating money that will impact their lives at this moment.

On Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18, the Spiritwood Foundation will be hosting “Remember When, A Musical Happening” at the Vermillion Community College Fine Arts Theatre.

Tickets to the show are on sale now for $15 dollars.

Click here if you’d like to learn more information. You can also call (218) 365-6851 to purchase tickets.

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