Hot Weather Worries: Tips for Keeping Pets Cool

In this Week's Animal Answers, Dr. Justin Dahl Offers Tips to Keeping Animals Safe When Weather Warms

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – In this week’s Animal Answers, we’re tackling the topic of hot weather worries when it comes to pets.

With temperatures soaring into the 80s and lower 90s, it’s important for us all to remember we’re not the ones wearing a fur coat.

Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior offers two important tips to remember during the dog days of summer.

First, Dahl says to plan ahead.

If your animal spends time in a kennel outside throughout the day, make sure you know where the sun is going to end up as the day progresses.

Second, it’s important to make sure your animal isn’t going to overheat indoors as the temperature rises throughout the day.

Another important reminder includes car safety.

“Please don’t put your pets in the car. Even if you say I’ve got the windows rolled down, and I’m only going to be in the gas station for two minutes, because the temperature in the car rises so quickly it doesn’t take long before they will get heat stroke,” said Dahl.

Dahl says his office sees many dehydrated clients coming in when the weather heats up.

Experts say many pet owners feel like their animal swill be able to handle a large walk or excessive activity.

Signs of overheating and dehydration include panting, excessive drooling or foaming from the mouth. This could also result in a lack of oxygen.

“Dogs, the type of exercise they need is different. Most of them don’t need that excessive, strenuous cardiovascular exercise where they need their heart rate above a certain level for a half an hour a day,” said Dahl.

Dahl says many breeds simply don’t know when to stop and take a break from activities.

This is where it becomes vital for the owner to step in and set rules, making sure the animal takes breaks and cools off.

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