Young Boy Receives Deckhand For a Day Experience

The deckhand is the captain's right hand man and is responsible for tying the lines and letting them go and deck maintenance.

DULUTH, Minn, – We’ve all heard the saying if you really want something you have to work hard for it.

One boy from Hayward, Wisconsin, dreams of being a ship captain someday.

He wants it so bad that earlier this year he found a way to pay for his own lifetime membership to the Duluth Maritime Museum.

Now he’s getting a reward, a first–hand experience on a real ship.

After a few years of saving his allowance to cover the $1,000 membership, Evin Poquette and his family hit the water for an unforgettable boat ride.

Nine-year-old Evin knows it takes work to achieve dreams.

Before he can become a ship captain, he has to pay his dues.

So today he’s the deckhand for the day.

The deckhand is the captain’s right hand man and is responsible for tying the lines and letting them go and deck maintenance.

Deckhand For a Day is a program Sea Service offers a few times a year.

After seeing Evin save all that money, Sea Service staff wanted to take him out on the waters of Lake Superior.

“Today most kids can’t see anything further than a TV or computer screen. So we thought well we should have him out since he’s in love with boats that much,” said Sea Service President Captain Ed Montgomery. “We should have him out on the boat and show him how it’s from this side.”

As we rode out on Lake Superior Evin waved to the bystanders and couldn’t contain his excitement.

When Iasked him which ship is his favorite he told me:

“I can’t tell because they’re all my favorite,” said Evin.

Evin has studied ships since he was three years old and he knows his stuff.

He could name the boats as we passed them by.

“I think being on the pilot boat was amazing and steering the ship was the best part.”

Evin is turning ten next week, so he’s off to a great start to celebrate his birthday.

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